Java 8 — BiPredicate | Code Factory

public interface BiPredicate<T,U> {
boolean test(T t, U u);
default BiPredicate<T,U> and(BiPredicate<? super T,? super U> other) { }
default BiPredicate<T,U> negate() { }
default BiPredicate<T,U> or(BiPredicate<? super T,? super U> other) { }

To check the sum of 2 given integers is even or not by using BiPredicate :

package com.codeFactory.bipredicate;import java.util.function.BiPredicate;public class Test {
public static void main(String... args) {
BiPredicate<Integer, Integer> p = (a, b) -> ((a+b) % 2 == 0);
System.out.println(p.test(10, 20));
System.out.println(p.test(7, 10));




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