Java — Important Methods of StringBuffer Class | Code Factory

StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
System.out.println(sb.length()); // 4
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
System.out.println(sb.capacity()); // 20
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
System.out.println(sb.charAt(0)); // C
System.out.println(sb.charAt(5)); // RE : java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 5
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
sb.setCharAt(3, 'o');
System.out.println(sb); // Codo
1. public StringBuffer append(boolean b)
2. public StringBuffer append(char c)
3. public StringBuffer append(char[] str)
4. public StringBuffer append(char[] str, int offset, int len)
5. public StringBuffer append(CharSequence s)
6. public StringBuffer append(CharSequence s, int start, int end)
7. public StringBuffer append(double d)
8. public StringBuffer append(float f)
9. public StringBuffer append(int i)
10. public StringBuffer append(long lng)
11. public StringBuffer append(Object obj)
12. public StringBuffer append(String str)
13. public StringBuffer append(StringBuffer sb)
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
System.out.println(sb); // Code123
1. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, boolean b)
2. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, char c)
3. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, char[] str)
4. public StringBuffer insert(int index, char[] str, int offset, int len)
5. public StringBuffer insert(int dstOffset, CharSequence s)
6. public StringBuffer insert(int dstOffset, CharSequence s, int start, int end)
7. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, double d)
8. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, float f)
9. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, int i)
10. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, long l)
11. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, Object obj)
12. public StringBuffer insert(int offset, String str)
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
sb.insert(0, 123);
System.out.println(sb); // 123Code
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
sb.delete(3, 4);
System.out.println(sb); // Cod
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
System.out.println(sb); // Cod
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Code");
System.out.println(sb.reverse()); // edoC
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("CodeFactory");
System.out.println(sb); // Code
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
System.out.println(sb.capacity()); // 16
System.out.println(sb.capacity()); // 50
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(50);
System.out.println(sb.capacity()); // 50
System.out.println(sb.capacity()); // 4




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