JPA Criteria Queries | Code Factory

1. Overview

2. Maven Dependencies


3. Simple Example Using Criteria

public class Item implements Serializable {

private Integer itemId;
private String itemName;
private String itemDescription;
private Integer itemPrice;

// setters and getters
Session session = HibernateUtil.getHibernateSession();
CriteriaBuilder cb = session.getCriteriaBuilder();
CriteriaQuery<Item> cr = cb.createQuery(Item.class);
Root<Item> root = cr.from(Item.class);;

Query<Item> query = session.createQuery(cr);
List<Item> results = query.getResultList();
  1. Create an instance of Session from the SessionFactory object
  2. Create an instance of CriteriaBuilder by calling the getCriteriaBuilder() method
  3. Create an instance of CriteriaQuery by calling the CriteriaBuilder createQuery() method
  4. Create an instance of Query by calling the Session createQuery() method
  5. Call the getResultList() method of the query object which gives us the results

3.1. Using Expressions"itemPrice"), 1000));"itemPrice"), 1000));"itemName"), "%chair%"));"itemPrice"), 100, 200));"itemDescription")));"itemDescription")));
Predicate[] predicates = new Predicate[2];
predicates[0] = cb.isNull(root.get("itemDescription"));
predicates[1] ="itemName"), "chair%");;
Predicate greaterThanPrice ="itemPrice"), 1000);
Predicate chairItems ="itemName"), "Chair%");, chairItems));, chairItems));

3.2. Sorting


3.3. Projections, Aggregates And Grouping Functions

CriteriaQuery<Long> cr = cb.createQuery(Long.class);
Root<Item> root = cr.from(Item.class);;
Query<Long> query = session.createQuery(cr);
List<Long> itemProjected = query.getResultList();
CriteriaQuery<Double> cr = cb.createQuery(Double.class);
Root<Item> root = cr.from(Item.class);"itemPrice")));
Query<Double> query = session.createQuery(cr);
List avgItemPriceList = query.getResultList();

3.4. CriteriaUpdate

CriteriaUpdate<Item> criteriaUpdate = cb.createCriteriaUpdate(Item.class);
Root<Item> root = criteriaUpdate.from(Item.class);
criteriaUpdate.set("itemPrice", newPrice);
criteriaUpdate.where(cb.equal(root.get("itemPrice"), oldPrice));

Transaction transaction = session.beginTransaction();

3.5. CriteriaDelete

CriteriaDelete<Item> criteriaDelete = cb.createCriteriaDelete(Item.class);
Root<Item> root = criteriaDelete.from(Item.class);
criteriaDelete.where(cb.greaterThan(root.get("itemPrice"), targetPrice));

Transaction transaction = session.beginTransaction();




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