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1 min readApr 3, 2020

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Update Project

Right click on project > Maven > update project

Build Project

Right click on project > run as > Maven Build

If you have not created a “Run Configuration” yet, It will opne a new configuration with some auto fillled values.
You can change the name. “Base Directory” will be a auto filled value for you. Keep it as it is. Give Maven command to “Goals” fields.
I.E. “clean install” for building purpose.
Click apply.
Click run.

Run Project on Tomcat

Right click on project > run as > run-configuration

It will open run-configuration window
RIght click on “Maven Build” from the right side column and select “New”
It will open a blank configuration for you
It will run project with address 8080

If you want to run project with different address other than 8080 then use below command