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  • * To add services to business, AOP we have 3 approaches.
    - Programmatic approach
    - Declarative approach
    - Annotations approach
  • * There are 4 types of advices in Spring AOP
    - MethodBeforeAdvice: Before Advice it is executed before the actual method call.
    - AfterReturningAdvice: After Advice it is executed after the actual method call. If method returns a value, it is executed after returning value.
    - MethodInterceptor: Around Advice it is executed before and after the actual method call.
    - ThrowsAdvice: Throws Advice it is executed if actual method throws exception.
  • ProxyFactoryBean is used to apply interceptor logic to an existing target bean, so that when methods on that bean are invoked, the interceptors are executed before-and-after that method call. This is an example of Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).
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