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Actuator endpoints let you monitor and interact with your application. Spring Boot includes a number of built-in endpoints and lets you add your own. For example, the health endpoint provides basic application health information.

By default, the health endpoint is mapped to /actuator/health.

The following table shows the default exposure for the built-in endpoints :

To change which endpoints are exposed, use the following technology-specific include and exclude properties :

To stop exposing all endpoints over JMX and only expose the health and info endpoints, use the following property :

* can be used to select all endpoints. For example, to expose everything over HTTP except the env and beans endpoints, use the following properties :

* has a special meaning in YAML, so be sure to add quotes if you want to include (or exclude) all endpoints, as shown in the following example :






Reference Links :
1. https://start.spring.io
2. https://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/html/production-ready-endpoints.html



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