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  • Open Eclipse
  • Go to File -> New -> Other… -> Java Project
  • Create IOC-CoreTest project
  • Right click on project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Libraries tab -> Add External JARs
    - commons-logging-X.X.jar
    - spring-beans-X.X.X.jar
    - spring-context-X.X.X.jar
    - spring-core-X.X.X.jar
  • * You can find dtd information from spring-beans-X.X.X.jar -> org -> springframework -> beans -> factory -> xml -> spring-beans.dtd (line no 36 & 37)


<bean id="t" class="com.codeFactory.beans.Test">


package com.codeFactory.beans;/**
* @author code.factory
public class Test {

public Test() {


package com.codeFactory.test;import org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanFactory;
import org.springframework.core.io.ClassPathResource;
import org.springframework.core.io.Resource;
* @author code.factory
public class Client {
public static void main(String... args) {
/* find xml */
Resource r = new ClassPathResource("com/codeFactory/resources/spring.xml");

/* load xml into container */
BeanFactory factory = new XmlBeanFactory(r);

/* create test class object */
Object o1 = factory.getBean("t");
Object o2 = factory.getBean("t");
Object o3 = factory.getBean("t");

System.out.println(o1 == o2);
System.out.println(o1 == o3);


Dec 11, 2020 2:09:26 PM org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanDefinitionReader loadBeanDefinitions
INFO: Loading XML bean definitions from class path resource [com/codeFactory/resources/spring.xml]
  • In spring.xml if you open any tag and does not close it then you get parser exception. Example: open <bean> tag and don’t close it, now run Client.java
    — In console you can see org.xml.sax.SAXParseException exception
  • If you define any unformed tag then also you get parser exception. Example: lets define <codefactory></codefactory>, now run Client.java
    — You can open and close tag then still you will get org.xml.sax.SAXParseException exception because it is not defined in dtd file.
  • We not define any scope in bean spring.xml so it will create only single instance. BeanFactory will create instance on first request.



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