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1 min readApr 22, 2020


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One of the advantage Spring Boot provides us is “lesser configuration” compared to standard spring framework. Spring Boot applies it’s typical convention over configuration approach to property files. Spring boot introduced its default application properties named as “application.properties" file and it is auto detected without any spring based configurations. We need to place application.properties file inside "src/main/resources" directory.

So, by using this default file, we don’t have to explicitly register a PropertySource, or even provide a path to a property file.

Spring boot specified various common default properties inside application.properties to support Logging, AOP, Identity, Hibernat, JPA, JMX, Email, etc. etc. We dont need to specify all the default properties in all the cases. We can specify them only on-demand. This is how spring reducing XML based configurations and changing them to simple properties.

You can find all default properties given by spring boot here : Common Application Properties