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In order to allow HTML in item metadata, we propose the inclusion of a WYSIWYG editor during Describe Step. This addition would allow a user to enter rich text as metadata value. Here are some case scenarios:

To add WYSIWYG editor in DSpace, an easy and good option is adding online .js to any page because DSpace doesn’t have any plugin.

Add online .js in header-submission.jsp (<tomcat> -> webapps -> jspui -> layout), it adds WYSIWYG editor in all pages.

If you want to add WYSIWYG editor to only for particular page then add .js to page where you want this editor like add .js to edit-community.jsp (<tomcat> -> webapps -> jspui -> tools)

Add this code to your JSP page.

<script src="https://cloud.tinymce.com/stable/tinymce.min.js"></script>
<script>tinymce.init({ selector:'textarea' });</script>

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